interviews with Gen Z stars taking action to change the world

Teens are creating platform for paid internships

Teens Paris and Avril team up to end exclusion

7th grader Daisy is taking action for inclusion

Youth-led CurEthica works for healthcare equality

Teens start Futureshot to tackle sustainability challenges

Ernest Mateo Cisneros takes action to end mental health stigmas

Teens Shreyaa and Esha started NEST4US to change the world through kindness

Teenager Sofi in Mexico wants to inspire Gen Z with knowledge about exponential technology

Ella Webb’s radio show makes news interesting for UK kids

William Teasley started WillTech to protect against Covid-19 and solve problems through engineering

Nakul Anand’s Teen Greensavers supports the voices acting for the environment

Heja Havre is a teenage startup in Sweden offering sustainable oat snacks

Liam Hannon is the cool teen delivering lunch to Boston’s homeless

Jade Cave is empowering young people to act to save the oceans

Rishika Jeyaprakash is a teenager inspiring kids to be kind

Jacob is blogging to get teens to achieve financial freedom

Aditi Banerjee is a teenage YouTube creator pushing for climate action

Jahkil Jackson is a teen supporting the homeless in Chicago

Rainier Harris is a teenage journalist sharing advice on how students can thrive in media

Zaqiya Cajee lets teens swap clothes, for both the looks and the environment

Maria Raquel Thomas started a cosmetics business to solve everyday problems

Ananya Kamboj is a teenage changing the world through sports

Oseriemen Atamewan is challenging all South Africans to plant trees

Jacob Cramer’s Love for the Elderly embraces seniors across the world

Laura Muwanguzi gives hope to Uganda's children with sickle cell anemia

Sameer Yasin started Green Kingdom to help people hurt by climate change

Grace Maddrell takes action for young LGBTQ+ people and solo strikers

Kriti Sarav’s WhyFI Matter$ gives teens money skills

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